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A thousand-year history

Portogruaro is located in Eastern Veneto and it expands along the river Lemene, that, thanks to its navigability, encouraged the urban settlement. The name comes from “port” (hence our Hotel Portus), a term dating back to the middle of the 12th century.

Thanks to the passage of the “Via Annia”, the proximity to Concordia Sagittaria and Aquileia, the history of Portogruaro sets its roots in Roman times.
Today Portogruaro is a nice town crossed by rivers, with an ancient historical centre in which the Municipal Loggia (1372), the Municipal Villa and the beautiful Molini on Lemene river stand out.

Culture and events

Culture and economy

The main cultural institution of Portogruaro is the Music Foundation “Santa Cecilia”, which organizes various events and one of the most important is the International Music Festival, held every year since 1983.

The nearby Pordenone with its intense trade fair activity, makes Portogruaro a perfect centre of hospitality, thanks to its calm and the picturesque old town.

Shopping and seaside

Tourism and shopping

One of the largest malls of the area, Adriatico 2 is located a couple of km from the Hotel Portus, with a wide selection of shops.
15 minutes away you can find the famous Designer Outlet McArthurGlen, one of the most famous shopping centres in Italy, even for logistics, between Venice and Europe, with shops with the most famous brands from Prada to Gucci.

30 minutes away from Portogruaro there is the Adriatic coast, with one of the most characteristic beaches of the coast, Caorle, but also big seaside resorts, such as Bibione and Lignano.

Experiences and surroundings

Portogruaro, between Veneto and Friuli, between seas and mountains, between history and hospitality




Visit the archaeological area of the Roman centre along the Via Annia, between Altino and Aquileia.

Festival in Portogruaro

Festival in Portogruaro

The prestigious international classical and symphonic music festival, founded and directed by the Santa Cecilia Foundation.



Along the northern Adriatic, a fishermen village has become an international tourist centre, while maintaining its own traditional characteristics.

Designer Outlet

Designer Outlet

One of the most famous shopping centres, with the biggest international brands, visited every day by thousands of people from all over Europe.